Friday, 30 October 2015

A letter

Dear eBay sellers.

We have a bit of a mixed relationship, don’t we? On one hand, you provide me with the overpriced bits of cardboard and oddly shaped lumps of toxic metal that I crave so badly. On the other hand, you do cost me a lot of money, and sometimes one of you tries to pull some dodgy tricks, like offering stuff at low prices, but then overcharging for postage, or canceling an auction after it’s ended, if you aren’t satisfied with final offer.

In the end, however, most of you are fine chaps, and I feel like we all appreciate these little toys. That is why I’m never surprised, but always glad, that you go to such great lengths to protect my purchases. We understand that the fine postal workers of the world don’t always share our delicate touch, and so it is up to us to protect the objects of our affection during transit.
Why, when you send me a batch of minis, it’s not unusual for one of you to place every single figure in a separate Ziploc bag, then wrap them individually in bubble-wrap, and place it all in a sturdy cardboard box, surrounded by those little foam thingies. Truly outstanding dedication.

It is also why, when one of you decides to post a 25 year old, and relatively rare, box, wrapped in nothing but a single layer of brown paper, I’m not only baffled but also somewhat disappointed. If I then find that the box has been taped shut, using normal office tape, so that I either have to cut it open and live with patches of tape on my game, or try to rip it off, thereby risking further damage to the box, I’m inclined to be outright annoyed! 

So, dear eBay sellers, I hope this sad affair won’t repeat itself. It would not do for our relationship to be tarnished so.



My old AHQ box lid, which will now have to perform its duty a little longer, as its replacement was sadly mangled on the way here. Luckily, the contents survived intact, so now I have all the room- and corridor tiles I need.

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