Friday, 2 December 2016

Faces and bases

I’ve felt entirely uninspired the past couple of weeks (not helped by getting quite sick over the weekend), so progress on my painting has been extremely slow. I did manage to finish the latest batch of Bugman’s Rangers:
In the past I’ve experimented with a variety of techniques for painting flesh – from normal layering to wet-blending. While this has produced some nice results, it’s also slowed me down a bit, so I finally caved and bought a flesh wash. It’s not as smooth, but it’s quicker.

This brings me up to something approaching an actual unit (and it only took me a year!):

I think I’ll paint up another three troopers and then move on to the command unit.
For my next project, I’m going to paint some (seasonally appropriate) December’s Acolytes and Silent Ones for my Arcanist Crew. I’m hoping to play some Malifaux over Christmas, and I need a bit of punch.

The first step (after assembly – a non-trivial job when dealing with Wyrd miniatures) is getting the bases ready.

I use a texture roller from Green Stuff World, which works quite well. Just make sure to keep it very wet, or the green stuff will stick to it.
Afterwards, I make a light impression of the model’s feet. This does distort the texture a bit, but it helps with gluing the figure to the base afterwards.


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