Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Happy New Year

I’m not getting any points for originality with that title, but I wanted to get back to the blog.

For most of December, I’ve been suffering for a total and complete lack of interest in painting.
This has been the state of my hobby-gear for the past few weeks – unceremoniously stashed on a spare couch in the office

The only hobby related thing I’ve really done is trying to fill in the gaps on my Snowstorm figure using the “Liquid Green Stuff” that Games Workshop put out a few years back. I’m “happy” to report that it’s exactly as useless as you’ve been told. After applying about five layers, I’ve barely filled in the gaps, and it’s left some grainy patches I’ve yet to sand off. Don’t bother.
I do have to get back in the game, as I’m going to play in a Shifting Loyalties campaign in a few weeks and I need the Silent Ones and December’s Acolytes. Best get painting.


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