Saturday, 7 November 2015

More Fimir

Here are Fimir number two and three (aka. “The green ones”). 

I’m getting fairly bored with painting them (three of the same model in a row seems to be my personal maximum), so the last two will have to wait for another time.

I tried a wet-blending technique to lighten the color the “club” on one of their tails, which proved to be surprisingly easy and I’m quite pleased with the result. Unfortunately the contrast between the two colors I used is a bit too low to really show off the effect – especially under the lighting conditions I take my photos in. If I ever see the sun again (I live in southern Norsca, also known as Denmark, and it feels like it’s been overcast for weeks), I’ll try so snap a photo in daylight.

Now to decide what to paint next. I’m still “warming up” after my long break, so nothing too complicated…hmm…off to the basement…

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