Friday, 20 November 2015

Just imagine he's got a broken nose...

I managed to finish my AHQ fighter this evening.

The model itself isn’t very detailed, but I’m quite fond of it all the same, and I got to try some new techniques and colors. Right now I’m rather challenged by my limited selection of paints – mostly one of each primary- and secondary color, along with the obligatory grey, brown, black and white. In theory this should allow me to mix most of the shades I’d need, but it’s still a rather erratic process for me. The blue and skin-tone proved especially unwieldy.

In the end, I’m reasonably pleased. The face is, let’s be honest, not very good (I never really got the hang of them before, and this is the first one I’ve painted in a while) but the rest of the figure works quite well. I also think I’m getting better at shading than I’ve ever been before, so I guess it’s a net win.


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