Monday, 7 March 2016

What a trooper

After three whole weeks of not having any new painted miniatures to show off, I finally finished my first three Dragon Company troopers. Yay!

This lengthy process is not so much due to my extremely slow speed of painting (though it didn’t help), but more because of a very busy social schedule. As usual, I’ve also been messing about with colors and techniques (in this case learning to use my wet palette), which slowed everything down.

Anyway, without further ado, here are the troopers:

I must say, I really love these sculpts. In my opinion, they are the perfect embodiment of dwarfishness without being totally over the top, and you have to appreciate the small details like the dragon-emblem on their belt-buckles.

I’m also fairly proud of the paint-job, though I’ll probably go for a slightly brighter shade of red for the tunics in the future (not because there’s anything wrong with them as it is, but I’d like to try to lighten things up a bit in general).
I also accidentally dropped one of them into my wet palette (first rule of the wet palette: DON’T hold your miniatures directly above the palette when painting) which slightly smushed his beard in a way that I couldn’t fully repair without stripping the model and starting over – something I’m very much not in the mood for. It’s not all that noticeable, so I’ll live with it.

Now I just need to pant another 17 of these guys – hopefully at a rate of slightly more than one per week.


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