Thursday, 28 April 2016

Getting back on the horse, erh, giant rat

I did it! After, what, about a month, I’ve actually painted something! Here it is: 
To be perfectly honest, I’d already done most of the hard work (i.e. the fur) before my involuntary time-out, so it was a relatively quick job from there. But I find that I get a boost in enthusiasm whenever I finish something, so I’ll still count it as a definite win.

The figure itself is going to stand in whenever I need a Night Runner or Assassin in AHQ, so it’s probably going to see play soon (I hope to play the next installment in my ongoing adventure this weekend or the one after that).

Painting-wise it’s very simple. I ran into the same problem everyone who has to paint large amounts of black does – i.e. that it’s very hard to highlight without making it appear grey. I’m not sure I managed it completely, but Skaven are supposed to look a little scruffy, so I guess it’s fine.


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