Thursday, 4 August 2016

I'm back

Que the music:
That's just to say "I'm not dead - honest"

Has it really been almost a month since i last wrote something here? Wow - time does fly.

Between visiting the family, work and keeping the baby fed and (reasonably) happy, I simply haven't had the energy to do any painting.

But now things are slowly getting back to normal after the summer vacation, so I finally managed to finish the warpfire thrower team. Here they are:
They aren't really my best work. I'm fairly happy with the clothes, but the rest could have turned out better and I really, really need to lock down on a method for painting skaven flesh. As it is, I just splodge various shades of brown and pink on there till I get tired and call it a day.

At least they were fairly quick to do. Undercoating in grey works quite well, though in the future I may have to do a quick drybrush in white before applying other colors to brighten the models up a bit.

Next up are some of my favorite models ever - the jezzail team!


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