Monday, 13 March 2017

Relight my fire

During the second half of last year, I was starting to burn out on Oldhammer in a pretty heavy way. The added strain of having a baby in the house didn’t help, but I have a tendency to lose interest in hobby projects anyway, so I guess it was to be expected.

I remember once trying to paint a beastman army during the 6th edition all-brown-all-the-time days. I think I might have finished two or three of them before giving up. Not two or three units but two or three individual beastmen. Yeah…

I can see from my own blog (very useful really), that I haven’t done very much related to Oldhammer since about august.

Anyway, now I’m getting tired of painting my Malifaux figures instead, but this little time-off has relit my appetite for old citadel miniatures. Yay!

First off the block are a couple of figures that have been standing around undercoated since last summer, a dwarven fire throwerteam:
They are kept in my usual red and blue colors, but as befitting people who are carrying large amounts of flammable liquid strapped to their back, they also wear a lot of leather. I’m cutting corners in a major way here, only giving them a base coat of Army painter “leather brown” followed by a coat of brown ink and finally a coat of black ink. As you can see, this results in very dark leather, but I like the effect, and it’s very quick.


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