Thursday, 30 March 2017

Fimm’ishing whay you’ve started.

You may or may not recall that my very first painting project for this blog was a set of five Heroquest fimir.

I’ve already finished three of them and shelved another (didn’t want to waste time on it), but the last one has been standing around next to my painting-station in a near-finished state for almost a year. I left it after painting the skin (so about 90% done), but never got around to doing the last details.

Well, after rediscovering my painting mojo, I finally decided to finish it, so here it is:
I experimented with wet-blending the skin (using a retarding medium). The end result is fine (not great), but it took way too long to do, so I haven’t reused the technique.

The main problem is that the paint still dries too quickly when the area is this large (it works better for faces and hands), so I couldn’t really get as smooth a blend as I’d wanted without spending way more time on it than I’m prepared to. Maybe if I’d used oils things would be different, but I’m not really ready to go that old-school yet.


P.S. Sorry about the pun by the way. It’s terrible, but I couldn’t resist it.

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